HORIZON - Orientation after High School


The concept

HORIZON – The Event for Orientation after High School appeals to your target group without the loss caused by non-selective marketing:

  • High School students and their parents.
  • Students who are unsure of their chosen course of studies and are looking for an alternative.
  • Young professionals who have not yet reached the level of education they desire and who view a degree as an extension to their vocational training.
  • Young Professionals who would like to complete a Master's Degree as an extension to their Bachelor's Degree.

The exhibitor pool is composed of:

  • Private and State Universities from all over Germany and from abroad who wish to promote their institution.
  • Well known establishments that wish to promote their dual degree systems and training courses.
  • Institutions that provide information regarding how to choose the suitable course of studies, application procedures, financial options and placement abroad.

The supporting programme:

The supporting programme provides room for presentations and workshops in forums equipped with all the necessary technical equipment.
These activities are integrated into the fair, without, however, compromising the intensive one on one conversations imparting advice. A presentation gives you the unique opportunity to canvass interest in your courses!
At each venue, we organise expert talks about Bachelor and Master Courses and Degrees - complex subjects for pupils, their parents and even for university students themselves.

Our exhibitors have their say:
You address exactly the right target group: Visitors who are truely interested, no unmotivated groups of pupils, no loss due to non-selective marketing!

For further information in English please do not hesitate to contact us:

Anette Petzoldt/CEO
+49 (0) 30/22 44 52 54-0

Antje Kearney/English customer service
+49 (0) 30/22 44 52 54-30


Upcoming events


Dates 2017

Münster: February 18 and 19
Berlin: March 4 and 5
Bremen: March 18 and 19
Freiburg: March 25 and 26
Mitteldeutschland (Leipzig): September 2 and 3
Hamburg: September 23 and 24
Ruhrgebiet (Bochum): October 7 and 8
Mainz: November 4 and 5

Dates 2018

Stuttgart: January 27 and 28
Bremen: February 10 and 11
Münster: February 24 and 25
Freiburg: March 3 and 4
Berlin-Brandenburg: March 10 and 11
Mitteldeutschland (Leipzig): September 8 and 9
Ruhrgebiet (Bochum): September 22 and 23
Hamburg: Autumn
Mainz: November 24 and 25